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Do you want to transform your leadership style or go all the way and become a certified coach? Or would you like to get support for your development as a coach? Our programs offer different options. Please click the respective links below for detailed information on each alternative.

”I am a training designer and a learning professional, and for a living, I develop sales capabilities in our organization. I joined the Brain-based Coaching program based on the references I got from other professional coaches. The training methods and the skills you learn in this program are proven to work. For me the program was a great combination of virtual sessions and face-to-face interaction.
I have taken two life changing trainings in my life – this was one of them. The program opened up new ways of having constructive conversations and contributing to discussions. I learned how you can truly support another person’s thinking and help them forward, found a new dimension to my leadership role, and learned how to better lead myself. I recommend this training to anyone who is ready to grow as a manager, leader or person, wants to see the hidden potential in people, and take things forward in a positive light.”

Petra Wager, Head of Sales Capability Development, Microsoft


1. LEARN THE BASICS: Brain-based Communication. Coaching style communication & everyday coaching skills. A three-day training.

Brain-based Communication 26 starts on November 20, 2017 (in English)

Brain-based Communication 27 starts on January 19, 2018 (in Finnish)

2. GET CERTIFIED: Brain-based Coaching. Respected six-month professional coach training program.

Brain-based Coaching 26 starts on November 20, 2017 (in English)
Brain-based Coaching 26 starts on January 19, 2018 (in Finnish)

3. DEVELOP AS A COACH: ACC and PCC Mentoring. Mentoring programs for coaches who aim for ICF's ACC or PCC certification and have completed the Brain-based Coaching training.

Read more about our mentoring programs


“Brain-based Coaching has been by far the most impressive and influential training program of my career so far. I can use what I learned in daily situations, both at work and at home. I’m present, I listen and focus, and I’m able to facilitate solution-focused and productive conversations. In my role as a people development professional, I use various coaching models and e.g. tools for having insightful conversations on a daily basis. The biggest change, however, has happened in my mindset – now I know that anything is possible! I recommend this training program to anyone who wants to acquire must-have skills for today’s working life."
Heini Ala-Vannesluoma, Gofore Crew Coach, Gofore Oy

"This program delivered on its promises in excellent fashion. A striking difference to many other programs is that here change on a personal level is facilitated and even required. It has been a life changing experience for me and I would do it again without the slightest hesitation. I can truly recommend the program to anyone who wants to become a professional coach, an authentic leader or just wanting to get more out of interaction with people!"
Sami Venäläinen, Head of Restructuring & Business Transformation PMO at NSN

"The program was a fantastic combination of theory, practice and inspiration in the same package.
Important knowhow for leaders willing to create change."

Tiina Mikander, Strategic Partner, Nordea

"The training programme has a solid and inspiring theoretical background in neurosciences. The inspiring trainers were able to get us to both learn and apply the large variety of coaching tools the programme offered. Even if I already was trained and certified as coach the programme really gave me added value to my practice!"
Antti-Juhani Wihuri, Mind at work

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